The Legacy our Mother Left

“Time and tide wait for no man,” our mother was known to say many times. We never knew she was quoting Geoffrey Chaucer. She liked it that way, it was a game for her to play on us. We just thought she knew everything! All the worlds’ knowledge was somehow stored in her down-feathered pillow and every night would enter her brain through osmosis! How else were we to explain her expansive knowledge?

Mom astride her huge gaited gelding, Duke.

Mom astride her huge gaited gelding, Duke.

Time and tide has taken her and escorted her to the other side of heaven. Yet, her legacy lives on, horses, she was an exceptional horsewoman. Over the next few weeks we will be posting pictures of her with her horses (and ours) as we take a visual walk through the life of this legacy that was gifted to us.

4 thoughts on “The Legacy our Mother Left

  1. I wrote a poem awhile back regarding the love of horses legacy she left in you and I. We are richly blessed because of that legacy!!!!! Thank Mudder – you RoCk!!!!

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