Write 28 Days Challenge—#5 Safety

I had safety patrol duty way back in 5th grade at school in Charlottesville, VA. I can still recall the bright yellow strap that went around my waist and overtop my shoulder. Attached to the shoulder strap was pinned the safety patrol badge.

I was official, and took my duty seriously. My duty was to see to it fellow students safely crossed the road in front of the small school in the morning. Students were too busy laughing and talking to pay attention, so it was my job to do that for them.

Each week a different student was assigned as safety patrol. In a way, we shared the load of safety for one another. Know something interesting? A herd of horses do the same thing. Look-out horses are posted around the herd during resting hours of the day and night. This way, the rest of the herd can rest. They too take turns. Gods creation amazes me. How He has cared for us.

Thinking about my safety patrol duty causes me to wonder. Did our teachers at that time have a purpose in assigning students to safety patrol? Were they knowingly teaching us in this subtle way to have a caring attitude toward our fellow student?

I may never know the answer to these questions, but I do believe it had an impact on me in regards to others. After all, Jesus instructs us to care for our fellow man. That is exactly what they were demonstrating to us. I am grateful.