A Good Old Senior who turned 30 Today

He was a keeper.  That was easy to see from the first.  He was the right color, good temperament, but best of all he showed signs of being the perfect height and build.  Yes, indeed, he was a keeper.

He was put together very well.

Foaled February 12, 1988 at Mom’s  Tag-Along Farm located, at that time, in Gaithersburg, MD.  She had big plans from the start for him.  She, and my step-father, Carl, bred, raised and showed Miniature horses for 20 years.  It was their retirement ‘fun’.  And fun they had.  His registered name is Tag-Alongs Boomerang,  which was quickly shortened to BR.  It has held ever-since.

Mom and BR had many fun outings at miniature horse shows.

He was just a baby when Tag-Along Farm moved to Clifton Forge, Va.  Days were full for this miniature horse who was sure he stood 16 hands tall!  He was one of  two breeding stallions for the 26 head of broodmares on the farm.  He was a show stallion, an entertainer (see above photo), and a perfect show-off host to farm visitors.

Time marches on, and upon Carl’s death, the horses were sold.  All except five.  BR was one of the five.  They were pals, he and Mom, and she could not let him go.  So, she gelded him and the five lived out their later years at the farm until Mom passed away.  And now, he, and his stablemates are here at Blue Rock Horses & Farm.

And today he turned 30!

He still entertains farm visitors.

Today BR is 30 years old!

He got lots of treats at feeding time tonight!


Good ‘ole BR, even with all his white, still looks real fine in his blue halter.