Faster than You May Think—Ask the Chickens

Do you think you could get out of the way of a bolting horse?

If you said ‘yes’, you would be wise to rethink it through. The first thing to know is that horses are preyed on animals. Were you aware of this fact? It is one of the most important things to ever remember about horses if you are to work around them. It could mean the difference between being seriously hurt by one or being horse smart. A wise man told me once, “A horse can kill you if he wants. He can kill you if he doesn’t want.”

Another way is by his being ‘jacked up’. This means he is excited beyond good thinking. Often it is cooler weather with the wind blowing all around that has him feeling extra full of himself. Unfortunately it may be the result of too much feed and not enough exercise. This results in what is called a ‘hot horse’—full of rich feed and not enough exercise to burn it. Either way, they are dangerous and need a horse-smart experienced handler.

One of the ways he can kill if he doesn’t want is by bolting. A bolting horse is a scared horse, and he is getting ‘out of Dodge’, so to speak, as fast as he can. For all he knows his very life is at stake, and in his mind that is all that matters. If there is something or someone in the way, too bad. They can bolt faster than most people think. I have read up to 45 mph.

So what do chickens have to do with it? Well, our chickens are free-range. As a result they hang with the horses a lot. The horses stir up bugs as they walk and graze.

Chickens are no dummies. How can they be when they are on nearly everyone’s lunch menu? They have keen eyesight. Yet, a bolting or excited horse is faster than the chicken.

How do we know? Three of our free-range chickens have been injured by our bolting horses. Two of those three died.

This comes with the territory, but is hard just the same. It is also an excellent reminder to us to be ever mindful of what is going on around our horses. Our farm motto:

Safety First. Beauty Second.

Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Road

God in His wisdom does not allow us to know where the road in life will take us. That seems gracious as well. For often I have wondered who would take the roads we are on if we knew beforehand. Yet, at the same time, we do have many choices of which roads we take in life. There again is Gods grace, as He gives us ability to choose.

I have prayed ever since my children were little that they would choose the good road of Gods plan. Even those roads do not guarantee a smooth ride. Yet God promises He is always there for those that call on Him.

Our old neighbor had a wise saying: “The road ain’t so long that it don’t have a bend in it somewhere.”

Good advice to carry along our road of life.

Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Represent

We all represent something. Whether we are aware of it or not is immaterial. It is visible to others. Ask them what they see in you that show what you represent.

So the question is, what do you represent? What does our daily life tell others about whom or what we represent?

I am a Jesus follower, aka a Christian. Disciples were first called Christians in Antioch, as recorded in the book of Acts 11:26. It is a daily prayer and hope when people see me they recognize the One I strive to represent.

This photograph I recently took encapsulates the image of my goal in life—i.e. to love others as Christ loves me.

The Queen

She reigned longer than I have lived. She has always been in the news, photos, magazines. I almost feel as if I knew her so familiar was her presence to me. She always amazed me. I loved reading about her.

She was a true servant to her country and people. A generous, gracious, strong, gifted Queen who was completely devoted to her duty.

It seems strangely odd she is gone. An emptiness even a little person like myself so far away from it all can feel. Yet she touched my life as well.

Make Your face to shine upon Your servant; Save me in Your loving kindness. Ps 31:16

Rest In Peace dear, generous Queen.