Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Deliberate

I know God has made all things well.

Every property out here has a pond. They are not big ponds, but waterfowl enjoy them. We have Canada geese on all of them for they are deliberate in their return to previous nesting places.

It is exciting hearing the geese every spring making their way ‘back home’. Our neighbors pond is larger than our farm pond, so he sees far more geese than we.

This family, however, has been all over both properties. I believe they know and are very deliberate in what they are doing. They make me laugh the way this little family deliberately runs all over the properties! This early morning they were up by the barn before they made their way to the pond!

6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Deliberate

  1. Up here on the mesa,
    for waterfowl, it sucks,
    but you’ve gotta trust my say-so
    that I recently heard ducks.
    I thought it was hallucination,
    that I was going quackers,
    and it was a fell situation,
    my mind had joined the slackers!
    But then Barb gave an explanation
    that let me have sigh of relief
    and let me know that it was true;
    I need not suspend belief,
    for she said the neighbours do
    have ducks whose eggs are room and board,
    and thus my sanity’s restored.

  2. It’s fun to see them especially with their little ones. Since we use our pond for recreation we don’t want geese nesting there. When we get the occasional visitors the dogs are usually happy to chase them off.

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