Write 28 Day Challenge—#15 Beautiful

How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace. Romans 10:15

I have thought often about this interesting verse of Scripture. How are feet beautiful? Is it perhaps because feet are the vehicle used to bring the gospel of peace to people? In church, on the street, mission fields, or revivals, because men and women of God are walking and talking of the gospel of peace?

Our feet are bringing the beautiful message. Is that a stretch of a thought on this verse? What would you say?

Or maybe because of the message itself. The gospel of peace. This gospel, of Jesus, is beautiful, and made for all of mankind. So the beautiful feet are both the giver of the message and the receiver of the message. For both the giver and receiver are blessed.

Am I just digging too deep and looking for something that it really is not supposed to mean? I do not know. I do know that as this month comes to an end, I will not be sorry to see it go. It has been a bit rough. However the beautiful message from the beautiful feet that preach the gospel of peace has and will continue to hold me.

6 thoughts on “Write 28 Day Challenge—#15 Beautiful

  1. I think its because “feet” were the main way the Gospel traveled, maybe not literally the feet, but maybe just the concept as a whole, of sharing the gospel!

  2. I’m sorry February has been a rough month. 

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