Five Minute Friday Prompt—Instant

The instant I learned of Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Writing Prompt, I was intrigued.

For five minutes we are to write our free-style thoughts on a one word topic she gives every week via email. Set the timer five minutes, write, done.

Once attached to her link, we can share our musings with other Five Minute Friday writers. I have ‘met’ many folk through her platform. It has been interesting and fun.

So I would like to take this instant to Thank You, Kate for hosting this platform for us. See you next year.

Merry Christmas to you, Kate, and every FMF writer!

4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday Prompt—Instant

  1. The word of God doth last forever,
    in the darkest paths of night,
    but I confess that I have never
    seen it in a firefight,
    a place where courage lives the dream
    that holds up pagan belief,
    and it’s just a primal scream
    that brings succor and relief.
    I hope that I can be forgiven
    for forgetting God, that flaming day
    when the cost of staying livin’
    was what I was called to pay
    and that my hope would still be counted
    even when my frail heart doubted.

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