Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Represent

We all represent something. Whether we are aware of it or not is immaterial. It is visible to others. Ask them what they see in you that show what you represent.

So the question is, what do you represent? What does our daily life tell others about whom or what we represent?

I am a Jesus follower, aka a Christian. Disciples were first called Christians in Antioch, as recorded in the book of Acts 11:26. It is a daily prayer and hope when people see me they recognize the One I strive to represent.

This photograph I recently took encapsulates the image of my goal in life—i.e. to love others as Christ loves me.

12 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Represent

  1. It had not been my intent,
    that thing that people see,
    but that which I now represent
    is the madder side of me,
    the bloke who’s always tempting fate
    in good and hearty cheer,
    saying, laughing, to a mate,
    “Watch THIS, and hold my beer!”
    Most often, yes, I do survive,
    don’t think I was killed yet,
    and this is how I stay alive,
    a willingness to bet
    my life in every drongo way
    to keep monotony at bay.

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