FMF Writing Prompt—View

This may be a stretch of the word this week, but here it goes:

Do you ever buy things because when you view them in your home it makes you think of someone special? This happened this week-end with a set of black bear salt & pepper shakers I saw at a local gift shop. They reminded me so of the cute bear s&p shakers Mom had on her kitchen table. Our sister asked for them after Mom died because they were together when she bought them. They were special to her.

I was with my daughter and son-in-law when I saw these little shakers. When she viewed inside the box I was holding and saw them, she remembered Moms as well. So I purchased these, to my daughter’s delight.

I wonder, if one day to come, she may say the same thing I heard my sister say, “I’d like to have these little bear shakers. Mom & I were together when she bought them.”

Ahhhh…the circle of life.

13 thoughts on “FMF Writing Prompt—View

  1. Here at the place of final light,
    here in the final lane of life,
    I sometimes wonder how I might
    make more real how I view my wife.
    To everyone spouse is reflection
    in part, of self and of desire,
    but there may be a new direction,
    seen from dying, to inspire
    what and whom she may become
    in my absence, on her own,
    with others she may walk among;
    though this cannot be fully known,
    perhaps, if seen with clearer eyes,
    I may witness her future rise.

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