Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Trust

Trust is earned, it is not a given. Would you agree?

Having animals has taught this truth to me. There is an odd thing about it though. I have noticed an injury to the animal that needs my care builds a trust that lasts the remainder of that animals life with me. It’s as if the injury helped build that trust between them and me.

I sure am not one to be looking for injuries to myself or my animals, but I can say it has also worked that way for me as well. Serious injuries have forced me to place the trust of my care to people I do not know. Seems to me trust at times can be a leap of faith.

I wonder, do you think God has something like that in mind for us through pain and injury? To teach us to trust in Him? Hmmm…

8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Trust

  1. Boy does this hit home. You go from one medical professional to another hoping for some relief when they all say nothings wrong. I have been looking in the wrong place! Thank you for the reminder to trust in God. 😇

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