Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Danger

“Oh, Lord, please deliver me from the danger of myself!” is my oft made prayer before The Lord.

It seems too often I am that ‘Pharisee’ Jesus said to be aware of. You know those that are clean on the outside, but are full of greed and self-indulgence on the inside? It appears the harder I try the worse I become.

How grateful I am for God’s long suffering grace towards me. Sometimes I need to extend Gods grace to myself, for I too am only a puny human.

I feel much like Ruth Graham who adopted this saying for herself after seeing it on the road:

11 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Danger

  1. Oh my – I, too, am so grateful for His longsuffering towards me! Thanks for your thoughts today – they were encouraging. Hope you are having a good weekend. It is beautiful here on the East Coast!

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