The Joys of the Senior Dog

“There is something wonderful about a senior dog.” I texted to my twinster recently.

“Like what?” came her reply.

I began typing: “They are comfortable with their lives; they are quietly calm; they are easy to please; they are more relaxed, to name a few.”

“You know,” I continued, “They know where they belong, and if well cared for, they are happy with that. They have the most understanding eyes. A ton of patience. There is also a great understanding between them and us, if cultivated.”

“I agree,” she said, ” Just wanted to see what you would say.”

All those great attributes between a dog and a human takes time and deliberate energy to develop. Once developed, they last a lifetime. A forever friendship, even long past the life of the dog.

Such was the friendship between Dandy and me. He was ‘my pal’. We walked the trail of life together, nearly everyday, for over 10 years. I was asked often while out walking what his breeding was. The standard answer was always the same, “He’s 100% Pure Pound!”

He has been gone now for nearly three months. We got our puppy last Spring, so thankfully, the two were able to spend several months together. I wanted so much for Dandy to teach HoneyPie how life worked out here on our little farm, and what her duties were. He was a great teacher. Their five months together was well-spent before our Dandy lost his battle with an infectious disease no vet could figure out. Through it all our vet did a fine job.

HoneyPie stepped right into his paw prints. She has taken his posts where he faithfully watched over the farm, and sleeps in the places that were his alone. She is a grand replacement to my pal..

There is something wonderful about a senior dog.
They spent five months together.
We were constant companions.
He had look-outs all around the farm.
We walked everyday in spite of the weather.
He taught HoneyPie well.
I sure miss my pal.
I am glad she knew him too.

8 thoughts on “The Joys of the Senior Dog

  1. Having a senior dog is bittersweet. It’s hard to see them not doing all the things they once could and you know their time is short. You have to enjoy every minute while you can. It’s so cool to see an older dog training a young one.

    • Agreed, agreed. He was a happy dog, that taught me much about the grace of aging, plus much, much more. I’ve had dogs literally my entire life. He, though, was truly my pal. I grew up on a farm and have a small farm now. The other animal I am very attached to is my horse, High Hope. She was an orphan when I brought her home at one month old. A nurse-mare orphan. She and I have ridden the trails now for nearly 17 years. She is my best friend.

      Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia

      • Thank you, Ruth. One cool thing about her Is that I have taught riding lessons with her for 14 years. She has had many a young riders fall in love with her too. She is one grand teacher. Here is a photo of my longest student!

        Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia

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