FMFWriting Prompt—Nourish

What a great word for this Thanksgiving week.

Thanksgiving rather gets lost in the shuffle of the holiday season. Not much money can be made in the sale of it. It is my favorite holiday.

I enjoy preparing my contribution (everyone brings something), and especially I enjoy preparing the table. There is something special about gathering all around a table for a beautifully prepared meal.

On little slips of paper we list those things we are thankful for, as we recognize just how abundantly The Lord nourishes us daily. So while our food nourishes our body, our family gatherings nourish our sense of who we are. While giving thanks to God for it all. For we know everything flows abundantly and graciously from Him.

We thank Thee now our God with hearts and hands and voices.

9 thoughts on “FMFWriting Prompt—Nourish

  1. God, You may just think I’m nuts,
    been too long a gandy dancer,
    but, no ifs or ands or buts,
    I am thanking You for cancer.
    Past days I was such a jerk,
    not looking past my foolish nose,
    but I’ve now been put to work
    in poetry and sometimes prose
    to value what has changed in me,
    an offering before the Throne
    that lights up my eternity
    and tells me I am not alone
    through this bleeding painful hell;
    I am saved, and all is well.

  2. I never thought about it until you said it, not much money is made on the Thanksgiving holiday. Maybe that is why we are seeing Christmas things for sale before Thanksgiving. I love the little slips of paper idea, how clever! We let our 8 year old grandson say the prayer with no warning. He was reluctant but proceeded to thank God for our family and our food. I was so happy he understands. Thank you for your beautiful post Mitzy!

  3. Such a beautiful table you set Mitzy! And I love your writing! I hope you had wonderful holidays! Thank you for the lovely Christmas card! Happy New Year to you and your family 🙂

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