I listen to very little news anymore. I find it depressing, questionable, repetitive, negative, frightful and of little relevance to my life. Dear reader, be gentle, I simply have not the time nor interest in what is going on 24/7 in the whole wide world. We truly live in the information age. Problem is, what does one do with all this information? Information overload. It is far too heavy to carry, and way too much to hardly know where to begin to help.

The most pervasive feeling continual news gives me (and I think it may be intentional?) is a sense of helplessness. What, in the world can one little person do to stem this current tide of division so prevalent in our own society? We have family members that refuse to speak to one another, lifetime friends that no longer talk or visit together, and folks that do not even know the names of their next-door neighbors.

The term today is cancel-culture, but I think it should be called CANCER-CULTURE. For it spreads ugly and fiercely like cancer. It seems to have a life of its own, and is bent on destroying everything and everyone it gets close to.

I have always turned off the news from Thanksgiving to the first of a New Year. It was my time ‘off’ from the worries of the world, and time to focus on family and holidays. I enjoyed it so much, it seemed logical and sane to stay that way. So, I decided to listen only once a day to news, and read the paper that comes once a week to our home. Period.

That decision has sure improved my outlook on life, I’ll tell ya. I also have given much thought to what could I do to improve our societal division? Here is my idea, for what it is worth:


I believe this positive hashtag will help promote good will between folks and will be a fun way to spread smiles and a sense of belonging among we the people. I invite anyone who would like to accept this challenge to take a part in mending fences and spreading good will with our neighbors, family and friends. I will post my first two photos below. Post your photos on the social media you like and be sure to use the hashtag:


Join in if you feel like spreading some smiles for we American people again. As for me, I am weary of media telling me what I am. One photo at a time we can show who we, the American people, really are.

Having a young family as neighbors willing to take a huge block of cheese purchased by mistake! #loveyourneighbor
Sharing peanut butter cookies with a neighbor, or I will eat all of them! #loveyourneighbor

11 thoughts on “#loveyourneighbor

  1. I am with you Mitzy! I have been turning the news done as well and less on Social Media. It sure does help and it also helps us get out and explore where we live!
    #lovethyneighbor is fabulous! I am blessed to live with wonderful friends in our neighborhood!
    I’ll be helping you support it! Happy Thursday my friend!

    • That’s great, Nancy! I am looking forward to your #loveyourneighbor photos! I so agree with you in that we go out more and explore! Where we live we neighbors are known to stop up our road when passing coming in and out and stopping to chat a while. 😊

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  2. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve gone down to watching the local news in the morning and catching other headlines online. I think I acknowledged that it’s not as much news anymore as much as it is entertainment that is focused on opinion and ratings. I remember in the past when I knew my neighbors, but not so much these days. Home owners come and go and in between there isn’t so much as a return of a wave. You are lucky to live in a ‘community.’

    • I agree with you, Judy, on your points. But I just bet even your short-term neighbors would be blessed knowing you! 🙂 A very wonderful woman, who just recently passed away, told me long ago, “People come and go into our lives for however long, and it is a blessing.” I’ve not ever let go of that thought. (I apologize for delayed reply, got lost in the shuffle.) Make it a great week-end, Judy!

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