FMF Writing Prompt—Beyond

Sometimes I get beyond myself.

Life is busy. It has never seemed to slow down. When I was young it seemed so full and busy, and now that I am older with children all grown and gone, I feel even more busy! I am very aware of being on the short end of a good long life and I want to keep it full for as long as I am able. But sometimes I do get beyond myself.

Early morning time with Jesus saves my heart and soul. I would be done for without His comfort and presence in my life. He gives me hope and strength as I pour my heart out to Him.

“Put your trust in Him always, O people,

Pour out your hearts before Him, for

God is our refugee…” Ps 62:9

He saves me from myself. Glory to God.

7 thoughts on “FMF Writing Prompt—Beyond

  1. Amen Mitzy! A most perfect verse.
    And I concur… I’m busier now then ever before but living life at the fullest!
    Sending Happy Holiday Wishes to you my dear friend.

  2. Like, dude, I am so far beyond
    that which I expected,
    and that which I have lately found
    I sure would have rejected
    in a younger phase of life
    in which I thought control was mine
    even in the face of strife…
    I thought I could do just fine!
    But now I have to turn to God
    ’cause cancer’s got me cornered,
    and I guess I should be awed
    by how things are ordered,
    but in my impending end,
    He is just my faithful Friend.

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