When Twinster lives too Far Away

Yesterday evening found this PFO (Primary Farm Operator), and FH (Father Harry) grandparents again!  Hooray!  Becoming a grandparent is far easier than becoming a new mommy.  The new family is close enough where help is a text message away, which is very exciting.


This makes grand-baby #6 for this Virginia family.  It is wonderful.  A brand new baby has all the hope of the future warmly wrapped in a snuggly blanket.  New grand-babies have a way of turning time backwards for this PFO.  To once again wander in those days when those bundles of future hope had Father Harry calling with the news of a new Bricker.  Of the many notions in this at-times-perplexing life, ‘time’ is the most perplexing of all.  Being out among the fields and mountains, or gazing at the sky one would hardly know that 25 years have marched by.  Yet, one look in the mirror will betray what the fields and mountains say!


Being twins assured the notion that rarely would much be done alone in this life.  Births of most all the children were attended in one form or fashion by one another.  Either one was having the baby while the other helped or visa versa. Being a mirror twin is rather like having one’s shadow with them all the time in living color!!



Being a mirror twin assured that little in life would be done alone.


“You mean there are TWO of you!”, a woman once remarked to my twinster.

So, when the shadow that was always following moved out west with her husband and family, twenty-five years ago, it rather felt as if the sun had stopped shining.   Solo—hmmm, new concept.   Those early years passed quickly with busy houses full of children.  Yet, as the place empties and the little footsteps are replaced with silence, being solo hits hard sometimes.  So now visits come more often.  Father Harry has always known he got a two-fer when he walked that aisle light years ago.  He has been a good sport about it too (as have all the husbands!).  Two of the same in one house can be a bit much.



More visits are required now that children are grown.  Father Harry is a great sport about it.

The last visit just recently ended and thus has this PFO a little gloomy.  What old age will look like for these set of twins that live so far apart can stir up some angst.  Until then the horses will continue to carry them into the woods where time stands still, and hope indeed springs eternal.


Until then the horses will carry them into the woods…





5 thoughts on “When Twinster lives too Far Away

  1. You were the only twins in the class of ‘75, right? Would love to see you both at our next class reunion in 2020. I had the pleasure of getting to know your sister, Kay. The connection was flowers. My daughter, Abby Chick, owns Blakemore’s in Harrisonburg and I met Kay there.

    • Hi, Tracy,
      Yes, we were, Chipley and myself, Mitzy. We are fb friends with Keith Bare. He keeps us up-to-date on things! 🙂 I do recall Kay working at Blakemore’s Flower Shop. My husband and I live in Winchester. Thank you for asking!! Perhaps we could connect over fb!

  2. Congrats on the new baby, and I was sad on the day she flew home,even though I hadn’t seen her for almost a week, she just felt closer knowing she was just in Winchester!

    • Thank you, Maria! I’m going to see him tomorrow.
      Darn, I wish you had come back for another couple nights. We’ll do it next time, though next time you & I will be going out there! Yes!!

  3. You said it twinstur – on both – g’parenthood and being separated from one another. Little Eli is just darling. Guess when my #3 g’child arrives in March I’ll have to share pictures too. But, wasn’t it fun swinging darling Evan and William switching back and forth between them? Their laughter rings joy in my ears. And always fun seeing our BBFF, Maria. Bring her the next time y’all come west!

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