A Snowy Morning Feeding

Last two months have sure been odd as far as weather goes.  It seems February traded with March and visa versa.  Right now there is 4-5″ of cold, blowing snow out here at Blue Rock Horses & Farm and ice is on the driveway.  While windows were open for fresh air all night on several nights in February!  Trees were starting to bloom far too early.  That has surely slowed down during these past several very cold days and nights.  This morning broke at 17^ with very gusty, cold winds.



The cattle all ready and waiting for feed.


Needless to say the barn animals were very happy to hear the dogs happily barking for breakfast and lights coming from the house.  They know they are next in line for food.  So with extra grain for the cattle and loads of extra hay for everyone, we enjoyed our snowy morning feeding.


 Waiting and watching.


Earning their trust takes patience, and time.


Now it is time for this PFO (and the husband who is taking these pics!) to eat.

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