Vermiculture, just one more little thing going out here at Blue Rock Horses & Farms.  Have any idea what that is?  Worms.  Plain and simple, composting with worms.  Red wigglers specifically.  Eisenia fetida is their official scientific name.  Known to most everyone as the lowly little earthworm.  What a giant of a critter it is!  Talk about being a good (no, GREAT) steward of this earth, these guys win the prize!

This PFO is just a beginner in this new adventure, but has already learned to appreciate the worms and the great value they have in land, soil, gardening, compost, waste management, etc, etc.  The list seems to go on and on as more is learned about them.



Separating the castings from the red wrigglers.  See the little worm just under the left side of stick? 

Black gold.  Thought it was oil in Texas?  Yep, so did this greenhorn—NOT.  It is the castings the worms give that is the real black gold.  The castings are actually the poop of the worms.  What a powerhouse of goodness it offers to those that are interested in improving their gardens, soil, plants, and compost piles.  It naturally fertilizes the soil.  It leaves chemical fertilizer incompetent for the nutrients it offers.  All this goodness from feeding kitchen scraps to the lowly worm!



First harvest of ‘black gold’.


The first harvest was taken this week. The learning curve over.  Next time will go faster and smoother, so as not to stress the worms.   A book that is full of fun, interesting and helpful information is, The Worm Book-The Complete Guide to Gardening and Composting with Worms, by Loren Nancarrow and Janet Hogan Taylor.

There are so many fascinating options open to the vermicomposter and worm farming.  For now, one big bucket has been worked into the garden.  This is going to be a fun adventure.  Ever heard of anyone ‘talking’ to their worms?  Make a visit out here to Blue Rock Horses & Farm, you may overhear this happy, worm farming PFO saying, “Good Morning, Wormies!”



This bucket of nature’s fertilizer was worked into the garden.


 Red wrigglers gently set into their new home to work their magic again!

One thought on “Vermiculture

  1. I was just on Uncle Jim’s webpage looking at ordering some little worms. I will probably “Tag-Along” seestur – looks like fun!!!

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