We have Crossed Over to the Dark Side

Yes, it is true.  We have crossed over to the dark side.  It was not our choice.  Situations sometimes forces one to do things that are not particularly desirous. This PFO is hopeful, and sure it will work out for the best.  Here is a photo of our dark side:


We have crossed over to the dark side.

It is not all that bad.  Our new batch of steers are very good looking — for Angus!  No hate mail please!  They come from a beautiful farm in Broadway, Virginia,  Bryan Hill Farms.  They raise both mini Herefords and Lowlines, or mini Angus. We did not get our ‘order’ in early enough this spring.  The Herefords were all gone, making this year our year for Lowlines.  We picked them up this past Wednesday.



They spend their first day in the round pen.


We keep the steers in our round pen for twenty-four hours to have them acclimate to the new smells, sights, and sounds of our farm.  This also gives the horses and dogs a chance to meet the cows quietly without running them.  The next morning they carefully leave the round pen to begin their day checking out the place.  Cows are curious, they go over the periphery of both fields, and all around the pond.  They check out the shade under the cedar trees and woods, watch the horses, and stick close together.  It will not be long before they learn the rhythms of this farm.


It will also take a bit of time for them to hang with the horses.  Horses rule, and the cows will learn their place.  The horses are not rude, they just like their position of dominance.  It is funny to watch High Hope just toss her head with her ears pinned back and the cow yield!




It is good having cattle on the property.  They are just part of the farm and land, and they make things seem comfortable and right.  It is hard knowing they are being raised for beef, but it is good at the same time.  This PFO is at an age now where that makes a lot of sense.


They checked out all around the pond, while taking time for a cool drink.

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