I Love My Truck

Anyone  familiar with the music of Glen Campbell knows this fun song, “I Love My Truck.”  It came out in the early 80’s, and this PFO (Primary Farm Operator) has thought of the lyrics off and on many times over the years.  The words still ring true and gives the listener a smile at the cleverness of them.  It is easy to imagine the fun Glen Campbell must have had singing it.


Glenn Campbell’s song, “I Love My Truck”, came out in the early 80’s

At Endless Caverns where this PFO grew up, we had a big red Ford F250.  It was a stick, 4 on the floor, with a glass pack on the exhaust.  The coolest, toughest truck in town, and we girls drove it!   It was so tall that jumping into the cab was almost as fun as jumping on the horses!  Sure wish there was a picture to share.  Driving through town always required the windows be down, so an elbow could proudly perch on the driver’s sill, indicating the prowess of the girl driving it.


Things have not changed too much over the years in regards to the love of pick-up trucks, though the truck working here at Blue Rock Horses & Farm is not the one of years ago.  This old truck cleans up right nice, pulls the trailer to get horses (and cattle) where they need to go, hauls lots of hay and feed, and best of all, it has lights on the cab.  Now that is a real truck!


Best of all, it has cab lights!



It cleans up right nice for an old truck.


Some of that ‘love’ is a big appreciation of a good tool that works well, and some of it is because they are big and exciting to handle (ever tried parallel parking one?).  We work to keep it clean and in good repair.  For we know that when we are out in town, it makes a statement of how we look at and treat those things we are a steward of.  Be them inanimate or not.



A big truck is fun to handle.  Ever try parallel parking one?









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