6th Annual Abba Trail Ride–Paw Paw Tunnel, West Virginia

We rode this fall for the first time.  All previous rides have been in June or July.    This year was a bit different because of not having a horse.  That has been resolved, so next year we will ride in the early summer again.


It was fun thinking about the mules pulling the boats through the tunnel.


Our ride took us to Paw Paw Tunnel in West Virginia a couple weeks ago.  The weather was nice, the trail gentle, the scenery interesting.  It was fun imagining the way things must have been back in those days of boats, canals, mules, and tunnels.  We did not attempt to ride our horses through the tunnel, that would take a bit of ‘sacking out’ as we call it in the horse world.  This means we would have to work with them a while to accustom them in that dark tunnel on a small towpath without getting too nervous.  Probably one good reason mules were used predominately over horses on the canals!  Actually though, the tunnel is closed to horses and riders, there is a trail that goes around it.  However, there are stone steps that go up the side of the tunnel entrance, a walk over the top, and stairs descending down the other side.  We did go up them!


There were stone steps up the side, a walk over the top, and stairs descending down other side.  We went up!

For those that may not know, Abba of Winchester is our local pregnancy support center for  young mothers that were not planning a pregnancy.  Abba offers medical, spiritual, family, leadership and community support to those in need during their pregnancy and afterwards.  They offer classes for moms, and dads to help with their new baby and role as parents.  It is a loving, supportive  group of local folks that love babies and families, and work very hard for them.


The weather was nice, the trail gentle and scenery interesting.

It has been our priviledge to ride for Abba these past six years.  All donations from our rides benefit Abba as well as our Silent Auction items.  We are delighted to say we have raised over $3,300 for Abba including this year.  Our sponsors are generous and faithful to our cause.  We thank them for their generous support:

Acker Real Estate Service

The Gordon Family

The Davis Family

The Bricker Families

Mackintosh Fruit Farm


We thank all our riders and sponsors who have been faithful and generous to our cause.

We invite other riders interested in supporting babies, families and our effort towards that end.  What a great way to help others by spending time in the saddle!  Contact us at:  mitzybricker@gmail.com for more information.

for more information contact:  abbacare.org






May your saddle be squeakless, your horseshoes clankless, and your saddle-sores small!

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