Necessity is the Mother of Invention

This adage stands true still today.  Even with all the inventory in every nook and cranny of every store in town.  Or perhaps, it is true because I like a challenge.  I like to see what I can make from very few supplies.  Be it in the my refrigerator, or the stable.  When there is seemingly nothing around needed for the current idea on my little brain, it puts a diabolical smile on my face!  I know the items can be purchased in town, but where is the adventure in that?  Besides, in regards to the farm, the tool would probably be too heavy for this PFO to heave in the truck bed much less get off by myself.


The tool I have been wanting is a field drag.  It had to be small enough to be pulled behind the club car, which leaves a softer footprint in the fields, fun to drive and is easy on gas.  To be sure, anything done with the club car is fun.  So I figured I would slay this dragon one step at a time.  First things first, I attached the hitch.  That was sure easy!


First things first, I had to attach the hitch.  That was easy!

I had a basic drag in mind and began searching the barn for needed items.  A metal fence post was hiding in the back corner.  Perfect, made a great bar for attaching the drag pieces.  An old lead line from the horse trailer became the tie for the bar.  So far, so good.


A metal fence post became the bar used to attach drag pieces.  An old lead line hooked bar to club car.

Now for the drag pieces.  I knew I needed something heavy enough to disturb and move the manure in the field.  There was no old fence lying around or up in the rafters.  However, hanging neatly on nails were several good old chains.  Alright!  This job was coming right along.  I ‘tied’ the chains at various lengths onto the bar of the drag.  The fields were patiently waiting.  Only other needed items was a good pair of gloves, and a bottle of cool water.  Check!


Chains are attached. Drag was ready to go to work!


A pair of gloves and water were only other necessary items.

It was fun dragging the field even though it did not quite take care of all the piles of poo.  I can look out at the field and see a difference and that is sure satisfying.  The microbes and worms were very delighted to have their yummy meal spread over the soil.


The earth worms will be happy to have their yummy food spread over the soil.


One small swipe in paddock and this job is nearly done.

Eventually I would like to attach a 4 over 4 piece of wire fence or one cattle panel  (depending on which one is lighter) in lieu of the chains.  But for this day and this job, this PFO is happy with her day’s work and tool!


Equipment cleaned up, ready to put away, job done.  Next?





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