Largest in the World

We came upon it by chance while visiting the gift shop in Plymouth, Massachusetts during our twinster vacation this spring. We noticed a postcard of it, realized it was nearby and decided to pay it a visit. Wow! Amazing! Astonishing! How did we not know about this magnificent monument?

It is the National Monument to the Forefathers, in Plymouth, Mass.

This is the description of it on the postcard we purchased: “Erected in 1889, this 81-foot memorial is dedicated to the four virtues that brought the Pilgrims to the New World: Morality, Law, Education and Liberty. It is the largest freestanding granite statue in the world.”

It is absolutely magnificent. Have you visited it and spent time with it? It is a must see while visiting Plymouth, Mass.

The base reliefs all around the monument tell the story of the Pilgrims.
The detail is stunning.

It is a magnificent, beautiful monument.
Standing 81′ tall this National Monument to the Forefathers dwarfs my twinsters.
It is this u-tube with Kirk Cameron where I learned about this beautiful monument.

Our Twinster Vacation

We are twins, and there are two sets of us in our family. Actually, counting our momma and her twin, there are three sets of twins. There is a whole lot of ‘look-alikes’ around our homes. Our Momma and her twin were both quite adventurous gals. I wrote a series of ten blogs on our momma from January 26, 2015-April 28, 2016, entitled “The Legacy our Mother Left”. You are invited to ‘meet’ our most outgoing mother through those posts.

Plans began last year for a twinster vacation for the four of us. A year of mapping out, and planning the areas we wanted to see. The NorthEast was our choice for this exciting, first-ever twinster road trip.

We departed from my farm on the early morning of May 13, 2019, after a hearty breakfast thanks to Bill, my husband. Bill, or Father Harry, as our children lovingly call him, is a great cook. It was a ‘day made to order’!

Since a painting (photo) paints a thousand pictures, I will tell our story through our photographs. However, because we shared so many special ‘firsts’ for all of us, allow me to offer a few:

Walkway over The Hudson; Toured Hyde Park, NY; Visited Rhode Island and a “Guilded Age Mansion”; Had a schooner ride; Ate fiddleheads; Visited an oyster farm; Ate quahogs (YUMMY!); First time we have ever traveled together; Ate a real Maine Blueberry Pie (oh, so good!); Ever had such a long vacation; Drove through twelve states; Put over 2,400 miles on our rented van, aka ‘Turtle House’; First also for visiting Maine (WOW!, gorgeous!).

That “mess” in the background are the oyster cages used on the farm at Island Creek Oysters, Duxbury, MA.

And the BEST part of this adventure is we all came home happy and full of sweet memories. This last photo is the one my twinsters says it all about our trip. I think they are right.

Until next time twinsters!