Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Break

To break a promise. Ouch. Something that can be hard to keep and easy to break, a promise. For this reason I make very few of them. Sometimes, I know, it cannot be helped to break one. I suppose that is why they should not be made often.

How comforting it is to know The Lord never breaks His promises to us. Do you know that? Do you believe it?

I will never leave you nor forsake you. ~Jesus

I was always taught to never say ‘never’. Yet I believe Jesus. He has never failed me. When I confess my sin He forgives me and helps me do better. Even if I have to break a promise.

He helps anyone who calls on Him. Glory! Won’t you give Him a try today?

Write 28 Day Challenge—#27 Favorite

Who at my age, having grown up with Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music, does not think of her singing ‘My Favorite Things’ to the frightened children? Remember? The thunderstorm and her singing this song to comfort the children?

I have carried her advice from that song ever since she cheerfully sang it:

When the dog bites; when the bee stings; when I’m feeling sad; I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bad!

I wonder if she had any idea just how much her song would influence so many folk. It encouraged us to count our blessings in the midst of our pain (when the dog bites) or real fears of life. Recall the children went to her for fear of the thunderstorm.

The Sound of Music is one of my favorite all-time films. Filled to the brim with all the hope and joy available to us all, if we choose. While not leaving out the fears, doubts and sad disappointments we also experience in our real lives.

The ultimate win against evil as a result of their bravery and working together to gain that win makes it the best family show I have ever seen. Little wonder it is one of my favorite things.

I think it is movie night tonight. Guess what is on the play list? 😊

Write 28 Day Challenge—#21 Adore

Oh, Come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord…

This wonderful Christmas Carol came immediately to mind with todays word prompt, adore. It is a reverent word that I use when thinking of our Lord. Most of the time I do anyway.

The problem is with my older twinsters, and my own twinster. You see I adore them way too much. I thank the Lord continually for them.

Oh there are times we all drive one another mad! Mom (who was also a twin!) taught us the importance of sticking together, and stick together we will do until the end.

In 2019 we twins took a four week long Twinster Vacation to our New England States. It will forever be a special highlight in our twinster hood. We rented a van and hit the road with a travel log that included sights, excursions, and towns new to all of us on the sea coast of six New England States. Driving through twelve states was a grand adventure!

We still talk about that terrific road trip, the fun we had and joys we shared. So while I use the word adore for Jesus only, that trip holds a high place of honor in my life. That trip and my twinsters.

Write 28 Day Challenge—#20 Changes

Do you like changes? First it must be defined. Changes mean to substitute something for something else. All sorts of changes occur in our daily lives. So maybe it depends on what changes I am talking about as to whether we like them or not.

Certainly some changes are harder than others. For example: a youngster changing schools; giving up driving because of old age; suddenly loosing a spouse of many years. These changes are nearly experienced by all of humanity.

Other changes may bring great joy to our lives: a new baby; new home, car, shoes, or a new pet. These can be exciting and fun.

Changes can also be terribly challenging. Desiring a change in ourself, our relationships with others, or our lifestyles can be overwhelming and feel near impossible. Good grief, just trying to loose ten pounds makes slaying a dragon seem easy to me!

Or how about changing an attitude toward a co-worker that is difficult to like? Or maybe changing one’s own irritated tone of voice when speaking.

Is it safe to say we all want to be happy? Would we agree that in order to be happy, changes must begin within ourselves?

I do not know all the answers to these questions, but I do know this—God never changes. He is always here to help me substitute something for something else. I have but only call out to Him. He is waiting to hear from me and you. He will help us be the change we want to see. Call out to Him today, won’t you?

For I am the Lord, I do not change.

Malachi 3:6

Write 28 Day Challenge—#19 Lottery

Lottery, as defined, is an affair of chance. Boy, that is so! Especially in the spring chick department of our local farm stores. We farm folk love spring time. The stores are filled with fluffy, chirpy chicks.

Rural living has many perks. One of the most fun happens in early spring when local farm stores are full of brand-new baby chicks. Fluffy chicks of all colors and breeds chirp happily under warming lights attached to large stock water tanks. Stores have an extra warmth to them because of the lights along with sweet sounds of baby chicks scurrying in the fresh-smelling pine bedding. All the hope of new and fresh fill the store with chicks in springtime.

The lottery is in purchasing them. They are hard to tell the sexes apart when so young. So a buyer could be surprised to really have a rooster rather than a hen. It takes a bit of time for distinctions between the two to show. There are several methods used to sex the chicks. They are not all reliable, so there is a lottery to it. We have not been surprised with a rooster yet.

A rooster is yet another lottery. Not having ever owned one, I cannot say one way or another. I have heard so many stories about them both good and bad, it is hard to know. It seems folks sure like them, or not.

I recall, when purchasing our horse, Duke, the farm had chickens and baby chicks all over the place. In one box stall on the floor was a nest with at least ten eggs in it. I had never seen that before! I asked the lady, she said the horses do not hurt the nest, and the eggs will hatch. There were so many baby chicks running around that proved her right. Talk about another lottery!

Now that I think about it, I guess a lot of life is an affair of chance, aka, lottery. We make plans, work toward objectives, look ahead, yet sometimes life does not turn out the way we think. Sometimes we get a rooster. So I expect should I get one this spring, because we are getting more chicks, we will take it in stride. There are some very beautiful roosters in this world.

We have not yet gotten a rooster.

Write 28 Day Challenge—#16 Lonesome

Lonesome is a sad word that is hard for me to write about. There seems to be so many lonesome folk around. I recall Sid the Sloth from the movie Ice Age lamenting, “…off by myself, a lone, lonely loner.” “That’s a lot of loneliness,” the wooly mammoth replied. It is funny and true too.

We were created for community. The recent COVID lockdowns were devastating for many, many people of all ages in all places. Whether or not it was necessary is beyond the scope of this post. Rather it is the sad effects of the forced seclusion from society that brought intense loneliness to so many. I thank God it is over and done with.

I have also heard that social media produces a great sense of loneliness. That is rather easy to see, for while at social settings I have noticed few people engaging with one another. The vast majority are on their devices.

Two separate incidences formed a paradigm shift in my thinking over the years. When our sons had a playmate over one afternoon, the visiting dad told his son they were going to go home. Why? The children were playing video games. He told his son, “We are going home. You can play video games at home. We came here to play with your friends.” I never forgot that.

The other is a saying I’ve heard over the years: Wherever you are be there. I never forgot that one either. This takes deliberate effort at times because I can feel lonely in a crowd sometimes. So I must engage and be a part.

So what is the point? It is this: in many ways I can control the feeling of being lonesome. It may be in my power to do something about it. Should it not, I thank The Lord He is near. I pass it on to Him. He cares for me, guides me, and He loves me. He loves you too.