Who blesses Whom?

This past Wednesday morning made a gentle, lovely entry here on the farm. Good. We needed it for the folks coming to visit. It showed all the signs of a day made to order.

These delightful visitors had special needs. “Make sure you put the canopy up for them. It is going to be hot!” our daughter called out before leaving for work. ‘Be sure the chairs are on level ground, with room for the van to get around easily”, was her last detailed order before closing the car door and departing.

A week in the making, everything was in it’s proper place. Except…the canopy! It must be set up! Our visitors must be in shade. A big sigh of relief was heard with that last detail was completed.

“We are loading up! We will be there shortly! The text came across my phone, and immediately put my two helpers and myself into high gear. “Tack the horses, Sarah! Sam, I’ve already brushed them, get your riding boots on. I want you two riding out in the yard when the van pulls up!”

Smile, and enjoy yourselves! It’s our Show Off Day!

I was so grateful for my two riding students, and their mom’s willingness to bring them out to help. I could not have done it without them.

“Today is our Show Off Day! Smile, look lively, and most of all enjoy yourselves!”, were my last minute instructions once they mounted up.

Our students were a huge help!
I could not have done these visits without these two terrific students. Love, love those smiles!

The van quickly arrived with our delightful guests. Off they came in their wheelchairs and walkers. These lovely guests were from Shenandoah Valley-Westminster Canterbury. Our daughter, Helen, is their Activities Coordinator. This past week was National Assisted Living Week, and Helen planned two visits here with the residents.

The van quickly arrived. Whoopie, our official greeter, was the first to say hello!
Our guests were a joy to have.

One group came in the morning. The second group arrived early afternoon. Time between the two visits was filled with pizza and an ice cream trip to Pack’s just down the road.

Animals have a sense of their surroundings and people that I do not fully understand, but can clearly see. They are quite, gentle and patient with these senior citizens. They move slowly around them and stand quietly for a scratch. I hope you enjoy these special photos:

Everyone got a big chuckle watching the chickens following me! #chickensmakeuschuckle

Who blesses whom? I think that is easy to see. What do you think?

Our Perfect Hostess

We had the pleasure of entertaining special visitors here on the farm this week. Our daughter, Helen, works as an Activities Coordinator at Shenandoah Valley Westminster Canterbury Retirement Community. A premier retirement community here in Winchester. I will be posting a blog with delightful photographs soon. This little blog, however, is about our perfect hostess, Whoopsie.

Whoopsie is the perfect hostess by unanimous vote. This little blog is a photo story illustrating her keen hostess abilities. We are sure you will agree!

Whoopsie takes her greeting/hostess job very seriously.
She must be sure she sees every single guest!

Just look at that happy little greeter giving our guests a hearty “Hello! Welcome to the farm!”
Ahhhh, our perfect hostess is being unceremoniously excused from her job! For shame, Helen! (Actually, she had to move to make way for the wheelchairs.)