Write 28 Day Challenge—#12 Decline

Possessing the ability to say yes or to decline, no, thank you, is a distinctly human gift. In the created order no other creature has this ability. My dogs, horses, cats, etc, cannot decline or accept options of life. Not where to live, when or what to eat, being left all day, space or lack thereof of where they live. We humans have a choice.

To decline is to turn aside. Folks are also given the opportunity to accept or decline Jesus. His free gift of Life and Grace will be accepted or declined by every human on earth. I chose to accept Him many years ago. It has made all the difference. It is not He who rejects us. We decline His invitation to us.

There was a popular saying long ago that went like this: No JESUS, no Peace; Know Jesus, Know Peace. We Americans have tons of stuff and things today. Only Jesus gives Peace. Accept Jesus, please do not decline Him. Accept Him and know Peace.