Garden Club of Virginia Historic Garden Week

Aprils in Virginia are highly anticipated for those of us that enjoy luscious gardens and beautiful homes. All across Virginia at several different times, private homes and gardens are opened for tours.

My daughter and I have gone every year for the past seven years. Though we would love to visit all the tours across the state, we are not able. We go to the gardens in our area of Frederick/Clarke County.

Since 1929, The Garden Club of Virginia organized Historic Garden Week to benefit the restoration of Historic Virginia Gardens. Every April three to four private homes and gardens are opened for tours all across Virginia. It is a grand opportunity to see private homes one may not otherwise ever get to see.

This year three gorgeous, historic homes and gardens were open in Clarke County: The Tuleyries; Carter Hall; and Apple Hill. These tours were hosted by The Winchester-Clarke Garden Club and The Little Garden Club of Winchester. These cheerful, friendly ladies give brief tours of the main floors of each home. The gardens are open for our own time to enjoy.

Historic Garden Week is our annual mother/daughter Spring outing. Rain or shine, chilly or hot, we are always happy to see the homes, gardens and visit with other guests as well. This year my twinster was ‘allowed’ to join us! My daughter says this is a mother/daughter thing–only! Though she will allow her aunts to join us!

Check out their website:

Perhaps these photographs will convince you to go!

The Tuleyries
Beautiful barn–The Tuleyries.
The guard of the flowers!
Lovely vegetable gardens.–The Tuleyries.
Isn’t this rooster great?
Inside the gatehouse at The Tuleyries.
A huge, old Osage orange tree!The Tuleyries.
View from boxwood gardens.Tuleyries.
Carter Hall
A huge, stunning Willow Oak—Carter Hall.
Front door at Carter Hall.
Front lawn at Carter Hall.
Back porch-Carter Hall.
Boxwood gardens—Carter Hall.
Apple Hill
It was raining too much to get garden photos.
Beautiful Double-blooming Carnations purchased at Garden Club Sale!