Write 28 Days Challenge #3—Fascinating

Many folks find travel fascinating. They say it is interesting to see how and where others live. I agree. We humans all around the globe have fascinating life-styles indeed.

Yet here on our property is an environment/lifestyle that intrigues and fascinates me at every visit. It is our pond.

Talk about an entirely different lifestyle! How grand is it that fish live in water all their lives! What magic from God a turtle has to have to be able to live in and out of the water! I know these thoughts can be answered in any number of nature/biology books. That is not my point. The point is simply the fascinating wonder of it all.

Watching life at the pond is tricky. Most of the inhabitants are wary of humans. Turtles quietly slip off their sunning logs into the dark green depths beneath. Fish scurry away in a flash. Snapping turtles are rarely seen. Red-winged blackbirds hide in the rushes, while Great Blue and Green Herons lift off into the air before ever getting a good look at them. The Canada geese glide along the water making much ruckus at the human disturbance. I only hear the fun bullfrog every spring, never yet seen one. Only the huge ker-plunk as he quickly returns to hiding.

From afar, life at the pond looks rather dull and ho-hum. I suppose that is exactly what I enjoy so much about it. In order to enjoy the life there one must be still and quiet. The silence is enjoyable. No flashing lights, loud noises, folks going hither and yon and no motor boats.

It is a fascinating place to visit and to enjoy a whole different lifestyle and environment. One little piece of advice—a good pair of field glasses adds greatly to the enjoyment of the visit.