Our Puppy, Buster

He came to our home three weeks ago. Our ‘male with a tail Corgi’ we named Buster. I am in full puppy mode now! which is to say very little around here has been done in these three weeks!

This messy, happy puppy time goes quickly, and my dirty house is quite patient. It will happily wait AND accumulate more dirt until I get to it. Until then, Buster needs attention and training.

My dear friend gave me some great advice she always gives to families with new babies (in my case baby puppy). ‘When puppy naps, you nap!’ This wisdom should be included in puppy training books.

HoneyPie, our two-year-old Corgi is a big help with him also. She keeps him in line. If he gets too wound up with jumping around and nipping, she is quick to tell him to settle down.

They have a grand time chasing each other. Buster wears himself out trying to keep up.

We have always liked two dogs here in the farm. Two dogs are a pack, and they work together keeping wildlife at a distance. I did not want two puppies at the same time to train, so we waited two years after getting HoneyPie to get Buster.

We have always had dogs. Mostly they have been what I call 100% Pure Pound dogs. They have been good dogs. However, we are now at an age where we need to know just how big the pups we get will grow, and their basic temperament and requirements. It is always a guess with pups from the pound.

Our corgis are energetic and active. We know what to expect from them and how we must keep them busy and well exercised. HoneyPie helps me put the chickens away at night, and helps bring in the horses in the evening as well. She will be a good help teaching Buster also.

Nap time is nearly over for right now—time to take puppy outside!

HoneyPie came with us to pick up Buster.
Sleeping on car ride home
Training a new pup is hard work—nap time for both!
Our little grandchildren are a huge help in socializing Buster (under our watchful eyes).
Buster is perfect size for baby Charlotte.
It is hard work being a puppy!
10 week old Buster
He is learning well. We must be very careful around the horses until they get to know him.
An attentive puppy.