Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Story

Attending the Highland County Maple Sugar Festival this past weekend has become a fun, yearly family outing.

Maple sugar camps are open for tours. Maple doughnuts, candies, and cotton candy are delicious! We buy our supply of good Virginia maple syrup there at the local sugar camps.

While waiting in a long line for lunch, my daughter-in-love and I decided to look into a recently restored lovely, old home now a destination for over-night guests.

While heading up the stairs, the young girl told us a most interesting story. “Be careful, the top of this newel post is loose.” Our puzzled look brought the answer. “It was the hidey-hole for their illegal liqueur during Prohibition.”

We had never seen that nor heard a story like that before!

8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Story

  1. Maple doughnuts!

    My wife’s extended family
    ran rum through the Midwest,
    and it really seemed to me
    that this was for the best.
    They bred some independent hearts
    that beat strong for their kin,
    but Lo!, the clannish Red Sea parts
    to let a stranger in.
    They welcomed me with open arms,
    and with a firm condition
    that Barb would never come to harms
    or I’d find that I was missin’
    (more than omelettes made from eggs)
    the manhood from between my legs.

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