Write 28 Day Challenge#22—Danger, Common, Problem, Threat

I am following an example from a fellow Write 28 Day Challenge neighbor, Gaylswright.com blog, Words, Photo, Art. That is I am incorporating four word prompts into this one post.

These four words are descriptive of the threat the CCP, Chinese Communist Party (it’s common name), is to us in the United States. Officially known as the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Communism is an economic system that operates on collective ownership of property and organized labor for the common advantage of all members. Controlled by an authoritarian regime that claims a higher social order where all goods are equally shared by the people, thereby producing a communal society. It is a power-hungry, oppressive, Godless system/lifestyle, that sounds ‘good’.

The common problem, danger and threat is to our capitalistic system and society as a whole. These two economic systems, capitalism and communism, are like oil and water. They are antithesis to each other.

Why is this a threat and danger to us? In case you have not been listening, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) hates our capitalistic system, our freedoms, our country, and is in the active business of trying to destroy it.

They are buying land, and factories, setting up their own police stations in our big cities and infiltrating our universities. They are not playing games with our country, freedoms or lifestyle.

I am not writing this as a scare tactic. This is a real threat, danger, and problem that affects all our common way of life. This post is an appeal to consider just what we can do to avert their willful actions against us.

First and foremost, stop giving them money. Pay attention to just how much of your daily spending goes to Communist China. Made in China, Made in CCP, or Made in CPC is money supporting communism. It is quite a challenge to avoid buying from Communist China but it can be done. Another thing to seriously consider is the widely popular Tik-Tok social media app. It is owned by Communist China. Please consider not giving your life’s information away to a country that is bent on destroying us. And finally elect officials that know and understand the real threat communism poses on the free world.

P.S. a side note–for anything purchased at a second hand store—point of origin does not matter. The money goes to the owner of the store! Isn’t that great?

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