Five-Minute-Friday Word Prompt—Heal

“Jehovah Rapha,” is the cry of my heart this sad week. We cry out to God, and He hears us. Oh Lord, heal our land, heal our people.

We are living in an upside-down world of no sense. Wrong is called right and right called wrong. Yet, we all can agree the mass murders that took place this week are wrong and devastating. If only Your people would hear Your voice, You would heal our land. Repentance belongs to us, we must repent of our sins for God to hear us. Dear God, hear those that cry out to You. Comfort our hearts, those families. Spread Your loving wings over our hurting hearts. We need You! This is my prayer this week. To God be the Glory!

11 thoughts on “Five-Minute-Friday Word Prompt—Heal

  1. Mass murder is really wrong,
    I think we can agree,
    but now I hear the same old song,
    and it seems to me
    that we seek for a Band-aid
    to apply to cancer,
    and I really am afraid
    that the final answer
    is a nation’s change of heart
    to mend a torn society;
    it means we each must play our part,
    subsume our dreams to unity
    of each town, each neighbourhood,
    in building back the bright and good.

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