Five-Minute-Friday Writing Prompt—Know

What do you know with clarity in your life?

What we know appears quite foggy in todays newspapers, tv, and popular magazines. They seem bent on removing all clarity from our minds in regards to sexuality, simple math, and even to our families. So, what do you know?

Can you write the reasons in a list, defend them from current cultural opinion if need be? Are you able to have a decent argument with one holding an opposing view? Keep in mind an argument is a civil exchange of ideas of why one believes as they do. Name-calling, belittling, anger, and yelling constitutes a fight.

A good argument takes thought, practice, research and humility. May we know, and never forget, the humility required in all this current cultural muddle.

What do you know?

4 thoughts on “Five-Minute-Friday Writing Prompt—Know

  1. Ah, what a topic you brought up with so many twists and turns. 🙂 The news has become entertainment and fear mongering. I watch as little as possible in an effort to be in a decent mood. What I know is that I grew up in an era that encouraged education, hard work, common sense, and family values. Of course, we didn’t have to deal with a lot of the things society is balancing today, but I honestly feel we were like Ford’s slogan of ‘built Ford tough,’ but our ancestors were way tougher than we were. I recognize I’m a dinosaur with some wisdom based on age, but who listens to a dinosaur? 🙂

    • I sure hear you, Judy, and agree. All except you being a dinosaur in your outlook. 🙂 You said it well, “…with some wisdom based on age…” Indeed it is wisdom and the clarity of hindsight (it’s 20/20, yes?). We have been trained to not regard older folks. I recall a wonderful man telling me one time how our schools should be built next to retirement/assisted living homes so the young and old could interact. Wonderful idea it seems to me. You know, in fact, it seems wisdom itself is totally under attack. Wisdom and common sense. Times were different, but they always are. It seems to me we all could use some re-training. Re-training in our American history, Constitution, manners, thoughtfulness, grace and The Ever-lasting Almighty, who created all of us to begin with. Peace to you, Judy, my blogging friend.

  2. I try hard not to watch the news anymore as the media wants to change what we KNOW or at least try too.
    I KNOW is that I am tired of political commercials that yell the same thing over and over… so what I KNOW best is to turn them off.
    I do KNOW that peace is found in nature… that’s where I go as the birds and the flowers KNOW me.
    I’m glad I KNOW you here in BLOGLAND.

  3. First let me say—hurray, you’re back, Nancy! 🙂 I agree with you too. I listen to very little news and am very choosy about the newspapers I read. Media sure works hard to tell us how to believe, you are right. It is very hard to know who to believe. I do know that you work hard to convey joy, loveliness, and peace into your home and your readers. Of which I am very glad to be one! Thank you for your comment. God Bless you, Nancy.

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