In Focus #15—Bear Happiness

It has been over seven years since the most serious injury I ever had from a horse. Like Jacob who wrestled with an Angel and walked with a limp the rest of his life, I too have a hitch in my giddy-up. Though as my mother would say, “I can’t complain”. Life is very much the same, and I am exceedingly grateful. However, to this day, should anyone say I fell off that horse I am very quick to remind them that horse threw me with great intention!

The critical care nurses on the first night at the hospital were attentive and kind. It was early the next morning when I awoke, and to my hearts delight and overwhelming joy, I saw one of my dearest older sisters, Sarah, coming into the room. She looked absolutely beautiful. Our mom had passed away a couple years back and when I saw my sister a grapefruit-size lump filled my throat and I knew all would be well. In her arms was the most adorable stuffed bear with the happiest grin on his face, with a big heart-shaped tummy and flowers, I think.

She helped me get out of bed and take a very painful little walk, encouraging me all the way. She did more for me than she will ever know on that morning visit.

That little bear has been on our bed every since. My husband has a grand sense of humor, and over the years I have come into the room and found Bear Happiness in the funniest of poses all over our bed. I would like to share some of them with you. May they add a smile to your day. There is a Latin saying at the old home where I work: Disce Ferenda Pati. Translated: Bear Patiently what must be borne. It was a right long haul back to good health, but this little Bear Happiness sure helped the journey and still brings joy to this day.

That is a cardboard fan, he is fanning himself—he’s hot!
Hmmmm, wonder what’s on todays to-do list?

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