FMF Writing Prompt—Carry

Carry—we are called in the Christian faith to carry one another’s burdens….

We live in a rather ‘hidden valley’—indeed that IS the name of our street. There are only six homes/farms ‘back here’. It is beautiful and secluded with our dead end driveway that serves all our homes.

On this blog of mine I write posts entitled ‘#loveyourneighbor’. We all know one another, and though we are all of different lifestyles and outlooks, we care for one another. It is lovely and comforting, and a blessing.

I write some blogs entitled #loveyourneighbor because that is what God commands us to do. In fact He says we cannot love Him unless we love our neighbor. Isn’t that lovely? How, He asks, can one love whom they don’t see if they cannot love whom they DO see? Think about that!

To help carry ones burdens is a task and joy at the same time. What a paradox! What a challenge. Thank God!

Do you remember that great song Diana Ross sang? ‘Reach out and touch somebodies hand, make this world a better place if you can.’

I hope you have a be-a-blessing-to-someone kind of week. #loveyourneighbor

Pray without ceasing.

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