Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Accountability

I am a mirror twin. She & I have an older set of identical twins as well (and our Mom was also an identical twin!).

I used to always hear my twin say how tired she was of our three mothers, and how happy she would be to not have them. How put out with me she would get for not understanding what she meant.

It took a while, but I finally ‘got it’—Accountability.

We were accountable to our older sisters as well as our Mom. There was, to be sure, a real power thing the ‘Big’ twins had over we ‘Little’ twins. But mostly it was because of love and concern for us and our success as a family and individual.

They taught us responsibility towards those to whom we are accountable. We twins are all very close now. Mom and her twin have both passed away.

My twin and I thank God for our three mothers!

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