The Dog and the Emu

They would not be called the best of friends.

Really, they would not even be called friends. Familiar, tolerant neighbors is probably the best way to describe these two. Edward, the Emu, is our neighbors’ bird. Dandy is our dog.

I met Edward a couple years back. His owner and I are horseback riders and have ridden together. He stays in the barn and fields with her horses. They all get along very well. Even her sweet dog has no problem with Edward. I have to say at our first meeting having the sense of something big coming up behind you is a little unnerving. Then out of side vision, a big bird face is looking straight into your eyes! I must admit, it rather sent a chill down my spine. He disappeared then reappeared around the other side of my face. I was assured he was fine. He has been at her barn for over fifteen years. Everyone there still had their eyes, so I figured all was well.

Dandy on the other hand does not necessarily agree. The first time he saw Edward out in the field, he would not even continue our walk. Instead, he turned straight around and high-tailed it home! It took a lot of encouragement and several walks later before he would stay with me. Once he realized Edward was in only part of the fields facing the roads, he decided it was safe to pass. Only he would cut way out of the way through the field opposite of Edwards. Then join me farther down the road. It was funny to watch. Edward walking slowly up and down the fence row, Dandy barking at him from way out in the opposite field.

Emus are a native of Australia. Second only in size the the Ostrich, the worlds largest bird. Small wings are hidden in its feathers, it cannot fly. It stands about 5.5 feet tall and weighs around 100 lbs. Female emus lay between 8 and 10 eggs in a flat nest on the ground. The males then sit on the eggs until hatched. Baby emus are striped, but lose these markings as they grow older.

Months have gone by now since their first meeting. Now Dandy runs to the fence barking at Edward. He knows Edward cannot get out. Many times he sits on our porch looking for Edward out in the field and barks at him, “I see you from here!” Now, they look at each other, Edward looking over the fence, Dandy looking through the fence.

I think they may be friends yet.

Edward, the Emu.
Dandy, the dog.
Watching each other.
Dandy now goes to the fence and barks at Edward.
Edward coming to see Dandy.
I see you from here! I’m watching you!

Thank you for spending time with us!

15 thoughts on “The Dog and the Emu

  1. One day they may become the best of friends!

    We were out antiquing through the country a couple of summers ago. We came across a rural antique store and on their property they had several peacocks but all of a sudden I heard a sound. It sounded like a drum and lo and behold out came an Emu. Itโ€™s drum sound came down deep from inside it. So interesting!

    • Thank you, kindly, Nancy. I am sure glad you stopped by. How funny the noise that emu made. I have not heard Edward make that noise, however, he does do some sort of clacking with his beak. He is an interesting bird! I could see on your Tuesday Tidbits your December is off to a lovely start. We surely are blessed. Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia Find us on Facebook

      On Tue, Dec 1, 2020 at 4:09 AM Primary Farm Operator wrote:


    • Thank you for your comment, Ruth. I am glad you enjoyed it, thank you for stopping by. Some relationships take a little longer to develop than others, don’t they. ๐Ÿ˜Š

      Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia

  2. Dandy definitely has someone to keep his mind occupied through the day! Iโ€™m glad that Edward walks to go see Dandy! Whenever I have had dogs come to my home, the animals are scary to them especially the birds and Edward is a human sized bird!

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