I am interested in trying out a slideshow feature on this blog for fun, and decided to use Molly as my experiment.

Molly belongs to our second son and his family. We kept her last week while they vacationed at the beach.

She is a sixteen-year-old Maltise. She has never stayed with us before, so it took her a couple days to feel comfortable. Age can be a wonderful thing. She had little concern for our dog, or two cats, which was a relief. She has a little trouble seeing well, and a bit more trouble hearing. It sure did not stop her from being all around the farm. Those little, old legs carried her around in a hurry. One second she was in sight, next second we had to go in search of her.

Good thing she is snow white, made it far easier to find her. We enjoyed her company for the week, and hope you enjoy these photos of her.

Hmmm…do not think slideshow turned out?

14 thoughts on “Molly

    • Why, thank you, Judy. I have to say, once she settled down, she sure seemed to enjoy herself. That’s my favorite photo too, her looking at me in her bed.😊

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  1. Sweet post, Buds. That little doggie is adorable!!! I know she felt loved and alive there with y’all. You really should keep her permanently!

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    • Isnt that little old dog the cutest? I did have fun keeping her once she settled down. Glad you like the pics!

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