Pause a Moment

Times have been topsy-turvy here at home, and all around the globe. Normal life has been thrust into a worrisome, and unknown mode with this coronavirus. Schools, colleges, restaurants along with many other businesses and churches are closed in an effort to stop the spread of it.

The times seem very uncertain right now. However, if one would pause a moment to think about it, really everyday is an unknown. We just have this way of thinking everyday is normal. Surely there are issues that are bigger than others and this virus is one of them. It has thrown us in a panic.

So many fine blogs have been written on this current scare. I am sure I could add nothing to any of them. I so appreciate the positive and hopeful outlook of them.

Yesterday I made a phone call to my grandchildren. I “read” a book to them over the phone. My goal was to help, even in a small way, their momma and daddy with occupying the children a bit. It did not last long but was fun! We have also been having great fun sending photos back and forth over gmail. I asked my little 3 year old girlie if she has been enjoying the flowers around her house. She has. I told her how pretty ours were and promised to send some photos.

Little did I know just how comforting this promise to my granddaughter was to me. I walk everyday, but to stop and take photos of the flowers was therapeutic. So I think if there is anything I could add to all the positive blogs of coping with our current issue is to please pause a moment. Look at this beautiful world God has laid out for us. Give thanks, and know that He is in control. This virus has not taken Him by surprise. Call on Him. May the beauty of His world in my simple photos give you a sense of His calm and peace. Glory!

May you pause a moment and know God is near.

9 thoughts on “Pause a Moment

  1. Such a sweet post! Thank you! Even in such crazy times right now it is a comfort knowing that the Lord is in control always. And it is comforting to stop, take a breath and notice the beautiful little gifts he has given that are all around us.

  2. God is giving us a vacation to spend with Him! Thank You Mitzy for reminding us to stop and smell the flowers and photograph them too!

  3. God is giving us a vacation to spend with Him! Thank You Mitzy for reminding us to stop and smell the flowers and photograph them too!

  4. Thank you for the pictures of the beautiful flowers. Nice to see something cheery! Mine haven’t opened yet. I have my grandkids (5 & 9) living with us since last Thursday. My daughter works in the hospital as a nurse and is right in the middle of this virus. Because we watch the kids every week for 3 days I didn’t want her passing it on to the kids and then they give it to us. It is so much safer to quarantine with them. However, I didn’t think about being a teacher! This school work on the computer is crazy. Boy how my life has changed in just a week…lol But worth it! Stay safe Mitzy!

    • Ahhh, bless you, Diane, for keeping your grandbabies, and your daughter in her work. Our daughter works at one of the largest retirement home communities in our area. There have been no cases reported thus far. I am more concerned for her than myself. All is well though. God is as near as our next breadth. Bless you and yours.

      Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia

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