I’m Glad I’m not Married to YOU!

The salesman meant every word of that when he said it to me so many years ago. I had hauled the digging iron up to the counter at our local hardware store, happily paid for it, and proudly announced I was, “Getting it for my husband for Father’s Day!”

That salesmans’ mouth dropped open and his eyes about burst from their sockets. “I’m glad I’m not married to YOU!” he promptly proclaimed.

Golly, I thought to myself, at least it is not a hand-held post hole digger! I thought digging irons were cool. Guess not.

Isn’t this a cool digging iron? I thought so.
See how nicely it has aged?

I thought it was a great tool and idea. It would keep my main squeeze in GREAT shape! No need to waste money on gyms.

And last week my husband brought something home to me. It made me think of that funny incident way back when at the hardware store in town. And this is what he brought me:

A brand new gas-powered weed-eater!
Now we can weed-eat together. Ain’t that cozy? 🙂

Hey now! Is he trying to tell me I’m looking FAT!! Uh-oh…..

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