Time on the Deere

Some decisions this PFO makes out here at Blue Rock Horses & Farm are easier and more fun to make than others.  The cheerful sunshine, and huge cotton ball clouds suspended in the azure sky could not be refused today.  The outside office called,  there was Deere work to be done.  The rains were over and gone.


The Deere had a job to do.


Choosing to be outside on the tractor or inside cleaning bathrooms on this made-to-order day was easy!  Compost needed turning, both piles.  There are two piles out in the corner of the field.  One is ready to use, the other is still ‘cooking’.  Several wild turkeys have been seen excitedly  running over the piles gobbling up (pun intended!) chunky grubs, and wriggling earthworms. The chuckles have yet to make their way out to those compost piles.  They have enough near the barn.


The composting piles are in far corner of upper field.


The manure, straw, hay, and lime have been worked into rich, dark compost.




It has been said that dirt is what gets under the fingernails, and soil is what one plants in.  The Deere had aplenty of dirt in it’s “fingernails”, aka the tire treads, which required a cleaning.  This meant the next job was spraying off the tractor.  Taking good care of equipment is a must.  And besides that, there is no way that filthy Deere would be allowed to stand in this PFO’s barn!  Happy spring gardening!


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