No Room in the Inn

Scripture records there was no room for Mary and Joseph in the inn upon their arrival into Bethlehem thousands of years ago.  We believers cherish this history record of Christ’s birth in that peaceful stable so long ago.  Is it not amazing to think the very first place Christ came to on earth was a stable?  It seems the first lesson He taught us through His lowly birth is plain to see—humility.


Is it not amazing to think the very first place Christ came to on earth was a stable?

After all, who wants to be born in a dirty, smelly stable?  Hey wait!  Who said the stable was dirty and smelly?  We have cattle, horses, cats, and soon chickens (oh! to have a couple pigs in the woods!).  At days’ end when chores are checked off, troughs are full of fresh water, mangers brimming with sweet hay,  the animals bedded down for the night, our stable is anything but smelly.  Fact is, if the stable is smelly, it is the farmers responsibility.  We have visited a few filthy, stinking, cobweb-filled barns.  These have the makings of a scary Halloween setting.  Stables do get dirty to be sure, however, there is a distinctive difference between kept and unkept ones.


Who said the stable was dirty and smelly?



At Christmastime as we are setting out the Nativity scene in our home, the whole idea of Christ’s humble birth in a stable with animals, straw, rough-cut  lumber, and soft lights create a peacefulness that is hard to deny.  It impacts the way we live here at this farm.  It fills us with joy and peace to be farmers.  We have Christ’s approval!  What more does one need?



…the soft lights create a peacefulness…


So as we set out pumpkins, wreaths and Indian corn around our stable this October, we invite you to come visit.  Come sit a spell in the cozy barn with the animals and a cup of warm cider.  You may leave feeling happy there was no room in the inn.

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