Nothing Seemed Out of Sorts…except…

“These dogs are not on leashes!”  These were the excited words of a young girl when she saw our dogs running free over the farm.  They can come and go as they like over the farm.  I wonder if they are aware of the close eye we keep on them.  They must because they respond when I say,”Leave it!”  They know their boundaries, though they push them often.




It is time for a walk, yes?


Every morning brings us a little jaunt over the roads and fields.  It is a time the two dogs and I enjoy greatly.  It is a brand new day, fresh air, fresh thoughts.  Nothing seemed out of sorts when we struck off on our walk early one morning this week…except for Dandy.  He was following very closely to me.  Much too close, as the dogs usually are off on a rabbit trail or some such.  He not only hovered by me, he kept whining, pausing, and looking back towards home.



Dandy 001

He kept whining, pausing and staring at me…

I ignored his behavior, told him to come on, there is nothing out here.  This dog became so insistent, I acquiesced.  He jumped with joy, and made a direct line towards home.  I may never know on this side of Heaven what had this dog so upset.  I do know we have had wonderful walks all the rest of this week!  Hmmm….


“Your dogs are not on leashes!”, she exclaimed excitedly.

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