The Legacy our Mother Left #3

A proud, happy student.  See the silver cup in her hand?

A proud, happy student. See the silver cup in her hand?

We are so biased here at Blue Rock Horses. Any photo with a horse in it just has to be good. Add a pretty, young lady and it is a take. The time and place is unknown to us, but we are certain it is another photo from Mom’s days at Arlington Hall. Here is a fun fact, there were three sets of girl twins at Arlington Hall at the time Mom and Auntie Bliss were there! We wonder, did they confuse the horses?

4 thoughts on “The Legacy our Mother Left #3

  1. Thanks for inviting me to enjoy your blog. I especially love these pics of your mom and Aunt Bliss. I can see a lot her in Chipley’s kids. 😉

    • Thank you for your response and visiting our site. We are glad you like the photos! They sure do show family resemblance! We invite you to ‘follow’ our blog, articles will come directly into your email box.

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