Strength Training for Better Riding

Blue Rock Horse's students exercising for strength and health!

Blue Rock Horse’s students preparing to exercise for strength and health!

Good riding requires good physical fitness. It is also important for safety around horses. We will never be able to out-strength a horse, but being in good physical shape produces better performance and enjoyment.

Here at Blue Rock Horses, our motto is “Safety First, Beauty Second.” This begins with being in good physical condition. To be safe and enjoy our time with our horses, one must be alert, observant, and healthy. Good health and physical strength are not a given. One must work to gain and maintain them.

We had some fun recently learning a few exercises that strengthen our upper body, legs and core. As our students have heard many times during their lessons, “consistency and persistence” is key. Daily attention to our physical fitness goes a long way. There are many good exercise DVD’s on the market. These exercises are from Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home.

Here are some pictures of us working out and gaining strength!

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