They Hung Use To

Those were some favorite words of our Aunt Julia’s many years ago. They held little sway with me way back then when youth felt endless and physical strength unlimited. But now, indeed, they have “hung use to.”

Long is the list of things I “use to” be able to do with horses:
Ride all day with little fatigue. Give me rest and food and I am good for a big 2-3 hour ride!

Strength and courage to ride any horse. So what? Now I am smart instead of brave!

Jump on the tallest one in the barn. Well, I can still jump on the tallest mini!

Had no trouble making them perform. “So you don’t want to walk through the mud puddle? No problem, we will go around it!”

Ride anywhere. “Are there bathrooms where we are riding?? I had three cups of coffee this morning.”

So they hung use to—oh well, it happens to all of us. I do know this, I will ride as long as my legs lift (or plop) me into the saddle. My horses and I are going to grow old together. Fifteen years will likely pass and what I am able to do now will then become a “use to”. So it seems the point is this: take good, good care of yourself, keep a positive attitude, expect the best, and these times as they march on into our sunset years will hold plenty of times to create wonderful “use to” memories for many years to come.

Saddle up! It is time for a ride. But wait! First, let me get extra tissues, and put on my comfortable jeans, and find my water bottle, and pack some food, and, and, and….

Happy memories and “use to” to you, kind reader.

Saddle Up! It is time for a ride!

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