How close are You?

How close are you to your horses? Can you see them from a window in your house or must you drive to the barn where they are boarded?

Our horses live here on our place and I feel blessed. My twin sister puts their horses on winter pasture where they live out west. She does not get to see them during the long winter months at all. At least not without effort and a 40-50 minute drive. How about you?

But, you know what? It also is a burden having our horses right outside the window. I see them everyday, and most of those days they are doing very little. I do not ride anywhere near like I’d like. Do you?

So, what do you do with your horses to “stay in touch” with them? I sure would like to hear from you. Would you like to know what I do?

Most everyday (except Sunday) when I go out in the morning to feed, I groom them. It settles my spirit while I talk to them and listen to them contently munching their sweet-smelling hay. I also pick hooves.

Also, I split up their ration of hay throughout the day. Really, just because I can. So when I go feed those couple flakes (or bricks, what do you call them?) of hay, I mess around with them. I call it “groundwork”. That makes me feel like a “big” horsewoman!!

It is fun and the horses, I know, enjoy the attention. I’ll take anything I think they need to make them more bombproof, i.e., opened umbrella, plastic bags, bells, flag, Christmas garland, etc. I hope you enjoy these pictures of us just messing around, and enjoying the company of one another.

Enjoy your time—all of it—with your horse!

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