Ride for AbbaCare

For those who choose life

designed by Helen

We designed the t-shirt for our riders.

I love life.

This is why I support those who choose life.  It would have been difficult learning how to ride had life not been chosen for me. Choosing life is astonishingly out of fashion. Perhaps it always has been.  There is nothing new under the sun.

I also love horses and horseback riding. This summer, with the encouragement and support of my farrier, we put the two together. Ride for AbbaCare.  What a great pair, horses and life.

at trail head

Riders met at Andy Guest State Park

Riders met at the trail head at Andy Guest State Park on a fabulously beautiful summer morning in July. A “day made to order,” as my old neighbor used to say. Six people willing to ride and raise money for those who choose life and need support. Each rider received a t-shirt designed by us. The shirts were printed and donated to us by our “t-shirt lady.” There were new and experienced riders, in both English and Western riding habit. I enjoyed meeting the horses and much as the riders. It was a special day. Somehow doing things for folks we do not know nor may ever meet, and into the next generation we may never see, make it all the more special. We raised over $500 for AbbaCare.
Riders for AbbaCare

Somehow doing things for folks we do not know....make it all the more special.

It is wonderful being a part of something bigger than ourselves.I am thankful to these willing riders and their beautiful mounts. As I said—

I love life. I believe they must also.

Beautiful trail ride

A day made to order.


2 thoughts on “Ride for AbbaCare

  1. Sure wish I had been there to ride with you guys. I have ridden at Andy Guest. It is a pretty place to ride and no better cause to ride for – great article twinster!!!!

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