This was what a very wise sales lady told me years ago after I described what I wanted done to a piece of my jewelery.

I never saw that sales lady again.

She was wiser than I at that moment in life when I was so full of motherhood and babies. Well, I am full again, only this time with aging parents and grand-babies. Her advice would have been timely once again last month when I foolishly stopped riding lessons.

It was a rash, “pregnant” decision. Even the horses have been lonely. They enjoy our students every bit as much as I. It can be overwhelming, this responsibility of aging parents and grand-babies in different towns. I can say with surety, being at home with 5 young children was easier. Though at the time I did not know it. Everyone under the same roof makes a huge difference. Now, there are many places to go to care for my family. So in my “pregnant moment”, I made a poor decision. It took only one week to realize it.

I have contacted the students and apologized, and have asked if they would consider continuing with working around the times available to us. Some have!! I hope the others do as well.

A talented musician told me once when we were discussing life careers of a good way to know of the choice. He said if you cannot imagine a life without it, it probably is your passion and is worth pursuing. He was right also!

Come on! It’s time to go riding!

Go home, come back when you are not pregnant!

5 thoughts on “Go home, come back when you are not pregnant!

  1. How sad if you had not realized your mistake until many years down the road and/or you were too proud to admit your bad decision. Congrats to you to ask for forgiveness and have your students return. I hope they understand and will do so.

    • Okay, I hafta say it – she did have a jewel(ry)lady who would have advised her correctly. All that to say – when in doubt call a twinster!!!!! But Syd’s right, it’s not the mistakes we make that flub us up, it is what we do with them once we realize we have made them. Glad you are back on tract seestur.

      • Thanks, Chip!
        Thank you especially for reading our blog! I am still waiting to get a post from Esther. I had asked her a couple weeks ago if she would post a couple blogs for me over time. The first one is about her recent riding accident and what she learned. The other is about riding, caring and training other people’s horses. Cannot wait to get them! I’d better remind her, as I think she may have forgotten.

        Thank you again, Chip!!

  2. We miss you cant wait to start back. Watch for an email. Sometimes I feel the same way abotu quitting many things but I have also been recently “pregnant” tee hee!

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