To Everything there is a Season

When I was a teenager this was a popular song. Many moons have passed since those days, but it is true still. At my age, there have been many seasons, some good, some not so good.

I am generally the type that looks forward, not so much behind. I suppose that is why the rear-view mirror in a car is so small and the driving one so large. Yet, a season had ended for me this month that has made me quite sorrowful. I stopped teaching riding lessons.

The season I am in now, caring for my mother (with help from my sisters), has to take precedence over horseback riding lessons. It is a matter of safety and value. We have had so few lessons I cannot, in good conscience, ask to be paid to teach the same thing over and over. Horseback riding is a beautiful skill that requires dedication for safety and ability. Normal missed lessons are fine, but I am gone 1/3 of every month caring for my mother. This make my teaching ineffective. It was a hard decision. I love my riding students and teaching them. They are bright, fast learners. And above that, they love the horses.

So, for now, I have to let go. With no idea of how long or if I will every have the privilege to teach again.

Our horses and I will miss our students more than they will ever know.

Farewell for now….

riding recital pic of students

I love my riding students and teaching them.

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